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Santa Fe Bone Symposium

The Santa Fe Bone Symposium is an annual forum devoted to advances in the science and economics of osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease, and assessment of skeletal health. Presented by the Osteoporosis Foundation of New Mexico (OFNM), this meeting is for healthcare providers, scientists, and researchers with a special interest in bone disease, and for bone densitometry technologists who seek a high level of knowledge in their field. Close interaction and collaboration between faculty and participants is an integral part of the Santa Fe Bone Symposium.

Recordings from 23rd Annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium

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This is a satellite symposium presented by the Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF). It is not part of the main educational portion of the 23rd Annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium (SFBS). The credits offered for this course are separate from the 13 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits offered for the SFBS.

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Slide Presentations from 23rd Annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium

Oral Presentations by Endocrine Fellows
Moderated by John P. Bilezikian, MD, PhD (hon)
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The presentations are available for viewing at no charge. The opportunity to earn CME for this event has expired.

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The presentations are available for viewing at no charge. The opportunity to earn CME for this event has expired.

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The 17th Santa Fe Bone Symposium was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, on August 5–6, 2016. The program included plenary lectures, oral presentations by endocrinology fellows, meet-the-professor sessions, and panel discussions, all aimed to provide ample opportunity for interactive discussions among all participants. Symposium topics included recent developments in the translation of basic bone science to patient care, new clinical practice guidelines for postmenopausal osteoporosis, management of patients with disorders of phosphate metabolism, new and emerging treatments for rare bone diseases, strategies to enhance fracture healing, and an update on Bone Health Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes, using a teleconferencing platform to elevate the level of knowledge of healthcare professionals in underserved communities to deliver best practice care for skeletal diseases. 


CME Webinar


The 16th annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium opened with an enlightening presentation by Dr. Roland Baron on the translation of basic bone science to clinical advances in the care of osteoporosis. Pediatric bone disease was the topic covered by Dr. Mary Leonard. A range of other topics of clinical interest was addressed by Drs. Bob Gagel, John Bilezikian, Bill Leslie, Paul Miller, and Mike McClung. For more information on all presentations, see (Lewiecki EM, Baron R, Bilezikian JP, Gagel RE, Leonard MB, Leslie WD, McClung MR, Miller PD. Proceedings of the 2015 Santa Fe Bone Symposium: Clinical Applications of Scientific Advances in Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease. J Clin Densitom. 201619(1):102-16)

 2015 Brochure (615 KB)

CME Webinar and Monograph 

The 15th annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium was held in 2014. Faculty included Drs. John Bilezikian, Neil Binkley, Didier Hans, Paul Miller, Mary Oates, and Elizabeth Shane covering a wide range of topics relevant to the clinical management of patients with osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease. Diane Krueger presented a “crash course” on quality DXA for technologists and clinicians. Highlights of the bone symposium are published in Lewiecki EM, Bilezikian JP, Binkley N, Hans D, Krueger D, Miller PD, Oates M, Shane E. Update on osteoporosis from the 2014 Santa Fe Bone symposium. Endocr Res. 2015;40(2):106-119.

Symposium Materials

2014 Program (246 KB)

2014 Symposium Overview (3851 KB)Most important advances in skeletal heathcare from the past year – Paul D. Miller, MD

2014 Presentation: DXA Crash Course (3354 KB)DXA Crash Course for Techs and Clinicians – Diane Krueger, BS, CBDT

2014 Presentation: Dysmobility Syndrome (2790 KB)Preventing fractures in patient with dysmobility and immobility – Neil Binkley, MD

2014 Presentation: Improving Osteoporosis Management (928 KB)Strategies for plugging the black hole of osteoporosis care: fracture liaison services (FLS) for patients who have already fractured – Mary Oates, MD

2014 Presentation: Premenopausal Treatment (3179 KB)Premenopausal osteoporosis: To treat or not to treat? – Elizabeth Shane, MD

2014 Presentation: The ABC’s of TBS (3306 KB)The ABC’s of TBS (Trabecular Bone Score): From Theory to Clinical Practice – Didier Hans, PhD

2014 Presentation: When Bone Density is Not Enough (3794 KB)Preventing fractures in patient with dysmobility and immobility – Neil Binkley, MD

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CME Webinar and Monograph 

The 14th annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium included topics ranging from new developments in our understanding of osteocyte function by Dr. Lynda Bonewald to an interactive session on common clinical conundrums moderated by Dr. Marjorie Luckey. Dr. Bob Heaney gave a delightful and highly informative update on the strained relationship of nutrition and medicine as applied to the care of osteoporosis. Dr. Juliet Compston discussed new findings in the relationship of obesity, osteoporosis, and fractures. Dr. John Bilezikian gave an update in the field of skeletal health and moderated presentations of abstracts by endocrinology fellows. Dr. John Schousboe covered non-BMD applications of DXA; Dr. Doug Kiel gave a presentation on managing osteoporosis in the elderly; and Dr. Paul Miller described strategies for managing patients with chronic kidney disease when bone biopsy is not available. Dr. Bob Marcus moderated an engaging session on “hot topics” in osteoporosis. The proceedings of this symposium are published here: Lewiecki EM, Bilezikian JP, Bonewald L, Compston JE, Heaney RP, Kiel DP, Miller PD, Schousboe JT. Osteoporosis Update: Proceedings of the 2013 Santa Fe Bone Symposium. J Clin Densitom. 2014;17(3):330-343.

The faculty for the thirteenth annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium were Drs. Adler, Bilezikian, Bouxsein, Marcus, McClung, Miller, and Tanner. Exciting new developments in the understanding of bone physiology were presented. There were oral abstract presentations, interactive discussions of challenging cases, a debate on benefits and risks of long-term bisphosphonate therapy, and a panel discussion of controversial issues in the management of osteoporosis. Other topics included a review of the most important scientific publications in the past year, new and emerging therapy for osteoporosis, the benefits and limitations of clinical practice guidelines in the care of individual patients, the effects of metallic elements on skeletal health, clinical applications of bone turnover markers, an engineering perspective of skeletal health and disease, and an update on the role of the ISCD in education, certification, and advocacy for high quality bone density testing.

Faculty were Drs. Bilezikian, McCloskey, Miller, Morgan, Orwoll, and Potts, covering a wide range of topics Among the many topics that included new developments in nutritional therapy for osteoporosis, parathyroid hormone for the assessment and treatment of skeletal disease, osteoporosis in men, new and emerging concepts in osteoporosis therapy, report on the 2010 ISCD-IOF FRAX Initiative and the ISCD Position Development Conference, balancing benefits and risks of bisphosphonate therapy, and an advanced bone densitometry workshop for clinicians and technologists. The publication inspired by the symposium was in Lewiecki EM, Bilezikian JP, Jankowski LG, McCloskey EV, Miller PD, Morgan SL, Orwoll ES, Potts JT Jr. Proceedings of the 2011 Santa Fe Bone Symposium. J Clin Densitom. 2012 Jan- Mar;15(1):1-20.

Symposium 2011 Newsletter (2235 KB)

The faculty for the eleventh annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium included Sundeep Khosla, MD; John P. Bilezikian, MD; Robert Marcus, MD; Michael McClung, MD; Nelson B. Watts, MD; and Paul D. Miller, MD. Topics included emerging concepts and new therapeutic agents in the management of osteoporosis, controversies with bisphosphonate therapies, clinical implications of age-related changes in bone structure, insights into novel potential uses of PTH, challenges in laboratory testing for the management of osteoporosis, emerging clinical applications of peripheral BMD measuring technologies, oral presentations of scientific abstracts, challenging case presentations, panel discussion of hot topics in osteoporosis, and sessions for DXA technologists on quality BMD testing. Proceedings of the symposium are published in Lewiecki EM, Bilezikian JP, Khosla S, Marcus R, McClung MR, Miller PD, Watts NB, Maricic M. Osteoporosis update from the 2010 Santa Fe Bone Symposium. J Clin Densitom. 2011;14(1):1-21, and also made available in newsletter format and online as enduring CME educational materials.

Symposium 2010 Newsletter (1196 KB)

The 10th Anniversary Santa Fe Bone Symposium was conducted with the following faculty: Graham Russell, PhD, DM, FRS; John Bilezikian, MD; Michael Whyte, MD; Bob Recker, MD; Andy Laster, MD; Paul Miller, MD; Annette Torrez, RT, CDT; Dan Widholm, RT, CDT; and Isabel Torres, RT, CDT. Bob Marcus and Mike McClung were special guest expert panelists. Topics included the history and future of bisphosphonates; heritable disorders of RANKL/RANK/OPG signaling; bone histomorphometry for clinicians; new agents for the treatment of osteoporosis; overcoming regulatory and legislative hurdles in the care of osteoporosis; several panel discussions and interactive case presentations; oral presentations of abstracts by endocrinology fellows; and workshops on quality bone density testing.

Symposium 2009 Newsletter (1791 KB)

Faculty was Richard Eastell, MD; John Bilezikian, MD; Paul Miller, MD; Sandy Baim, MD, Meryl LeBoff, MD. Scheduled presentation topics included an update on the development of new therapeutic agents for the treatment of osteoporosis; management of skeletal health with aromatase inhibitor therapy; combination therapy with anabolic and antiresorptive drugs; injectable bisphosphonate therapy; new guidelines for bone density testing; new guidelines for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; skeletal health assessment with technologies other than central DXA; monitoring osteoporosis therapy; osteoporosis in men; clinical application of bone turnover markers; low BMD in premenopausal women; and more. Publication from the 2990 bone symposium: Lewiecki EM, Bilezikian JP, Cooper C, Hochberg MC, Luckey MM, Maricic M, Miller PD. Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium, August 3-4, 2007. J Clin Densitom. 2008;11(2):313-324.

Faculty were Cyrus Cooper, MA, DM; John Bilezikian, MD; Marc Hochberg, MD; Marjorey Luckey, MD; Paul Miller, MD; and Mike Lewiecki, MD. Topics included new agents in development for the treatment of osteoporosis, new paradigms fracture risk assessment, evaluation for secondary causes of osteoporosis, epidemiology of osteoporosis, nonvertebral fracture risk reduction, osteonecrosis of the jaw, new ISCD Official Positions for adults and children, and osteomalacia. There were several lively interactive sessions with extensive audience participation. For the first time, a sponsored scientific exhibit called “real life experience in osteoporosis” was held. Also for the first time, two meetings for endocrinology fellows were held in association with the Santa Fe Bone Symposium- a research symposium in metabolic bone disease and osteoporosis update, under the direction of Drs. Steve Harris and John Bilezikian. Enduring educational material in the form of a review authored by all speakers was published: Lewiecki EM, Bilezikian JP, Cooper C, Hochberg MC, Luckey MM, Maricic M, Miller PD. Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium, August 3-4, 2007. J Clin Densitom. 2008; 2008;11(2):313-324. 

Felicia Cosman, MD; Nancy Lane, MD; Mike Kleerekoper, MD; Neil Binkley, MD; Paul Miller, MD; and Mike McClung, MD gave presentations at the 2006 symposium. Topics were diverse in nature, with state-of-the-art topics and updates on many clinically relevant issues. Enduring educational material with highlights of the Santa Fe Bone Symposium was published:  Lewiecki EM. Proceedings of the Santa Fe Bone Symposium 2006. Women’s Health. 2006;2(6):825-828.


Speakers for 2005 were Harry Genant, MD; Robert Lindsay, MD; David Kendler, MD; Sydney Bonnick, MD; Michael Maricic, MD; and Michael Lewiecki, MD. Presentations covered estrogen and skeletal health, evaluation of osteoporosis, vertebral fracture assessment, ISCD Official Positions, fracture risk reporting, PTH and bisphosphonate therapy for osteoporosis, imaging of bone microarchitecture, and more. The luncheon satellite symposium on adherence to therapy was very well attended.


Speakers were Larry Raisz, MD; Steve Cummings, MD; Bess Dawson-Hughes, MD; Steve Petak, MD; and Paul Miller, MD. Topics included pathogenesis of osteoporosis, lessons for clinical practice from large prospective clinical studies, medico-legal issues in the management of osteoporosis, nutritional aspects of bone health, secondary causes of osteoporosis, antiresorptive therapy, and anabolic therapy.


The symposium faculty consisted of Larry Riggs, MD; David Dempster, PhD; Laura Bachrach, MD; and Ken Saag, MD; with Paul Miller, MD, as special guest moderator. Highlighted topics were bone quality, bone densitometry and management of low BMD in children, osteoporosis in men, anabolic and antiresorptive therapy, and estrogen therapy in the post-WHI era. There were 135 attendees, 20 exhibitors, many industry guests, and 76 students at the ISCD Bone Densitometry Course.

The Santa Fe Bone Symposium was expanded to 1½ days (9 hours CME credit) at the request of previous attendees. Faculty included Cliff Rosen, MD; Dennis Black, PhD; Mike Maricic, MD; Leon Lenchik, MD; Deborah Grady, MD, MPH; and Paul Miller, MD. Once again there were over 100 attendees and many exhibitors representing pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, and bone marker products. The ISCD bone densitometry course had about 80 attendees.


The second Santa Fe Bone Symposium, held on August 4, 2001, was moved to the Eldorado Hotel, near the Santa Fe Plaza, to allow participants and guests easier access to Santa Fe activities. Guest faculty included Nelson Watts, MD, who spoke on combination therapy and gave an update on ISCD activities; Mike McClung, MD, talking on bisphosphonate therapy and controversies in bone densitometry; Mary Bouxsein, PhD, speaking on the biomechanics of fractures; and Jane Cauley, DrPH, who addressed the relationship between osteoporosis and other diseases. There were 131 registered participants and 15 exhibitors. Mike Maricic, MD, and Oscar Gluck, MD, participated on the expert panel for challenging case presentations. Most participants indicated that they plan on returning next year, and voted on the program evaluation form to expand the symposium to 1½ days. The ISCD bone densitometry course had 80 physicians and technologists registered.


The first Santa Fe Bone Symposium was held on Saturday, August 5, 2000, at The Bishop’s Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The faculty consisted of John Bilezikian, MD; Mike Lewiecki, MD; Paul Miller, MD; and Nelson Watts, MD. There were 66 participants and 10 exhibitors. Presentations included “Monitoring of Treatment for the New Millennium” (Dr. Watts), “Progress and Controversy in Osteoporosis Reporting” (Dr. Miller), “Hot New Treatment Strategies for Osteoporosis” (Dr. Bilezikian), and “Blazing New Trails in the Management of Vertebral Fractures” (Dr. Lewiecki). There was a faculty debate on several controversial topics, with a special appearance by Leon Lenchick, MD. There were 30 registered for the ISCD bone densitometry course, which was limited to physicians only.


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