Guidelines for Bone Health

  • Calcium: At least 1200 mg per day for all adults.
    Since the typical American diet contains less than 600 mg calcium per day, supplements are often necessary.
  • Vitamin D: 400 – 800 I.U. per day for anyone at risk for vitamin D deficiency. If there is any question about your vitamin D status, a simple blood test can be done.
  • Regular weight-bearing exercise: Walking is terrific!
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, and sodas: No more than 2 drinks of each per day.
  • Fall prevention: Grab bars, minimize clutter, remove loose wires, non-skid rugs and tub bottom, use night-lights, avoid sedating medications, correct visual problems, use cane or walker when appropriate, wear sturdy low-heeled shoes.
  • Medication: If the risk of fracture is sufficiently high, medications may be used to stabilize or increase the bone density, make the bones stronger, and reduce the chances of a future fracture.
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