The Story of the Osteoporosis Foundation of New Mexico

Osteoporosis Foundation of New Mexico (OFNM) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established in 2000 to raise awareness of osteoporosis as a major public health concern, educate the public and healthcare professionals, and support research on osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease in New Mexico. The ultimate goal is to prevent fractures by reducing the osteoporosis treatment gap, the difference between those who could benefit from osteoporosis treatment and those who receive it.

The flagship event of OFNM is the annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium, started in 2000, which attracts over 200 participants from throughout the US. The proceedings of the Santa Fe Bone Symposium are published in medical journals and are available online in electronic formats. New Mexico Bone Club educational meetings for healthcare professionals are held in Albuquerque 3 to 4 times each year, with over 60 events since its inception. Osteoporosis support group meetings for patients are held quarterly in Albuquerque. OFNM has also been involved in public awareness events for the community, such as the Stroll & Roll for Arthritis and Osteoporosis, which attracted over 500 participants. OFNM provides a panel of local speakers who are available to give osteoporosis educational presentations for local community groups.

In 2015, Bone Health TeleECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) was launched through a collaboration of OFNM and the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. This is a strategy of mentoring and sharing knowledge with healthcare professionals through case-based learning and brief didactic presentations in weekly teleconferences. The goal of Bone Heath TeleECHO is to elevate the level of knowledge in the care of skeletal disorders so that patients can receive better with greater convenience and lower costs than by referral to specialty clinics often located far from home. Bone Health TeleECHO expands capacity to deliver best practice care to more patients, with the potential of reducing the osteoporosis treatment gap and the global burden of osteoporotic fractures. Achievements of Bone Health TeleECHO have been reported in publications in peer reviewed medical journals, as well as poster presentations and oral presentations at scientific congresses. It has inspired the development of similar programs in other states and countries.

OFNM continues to strive to meet the skeletal healthcare needs of our communities and explore new methods for achieving this goal. The foundation is served by a volunteer board of directors and supported by charitable contributions from individuals, organizations, and corporations.

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