Impactwear Hip Protectors

Impactwear is pleased to support the Osteoporosis Foundation of New Mexico. Use the code: OFNM when you purchase and Impactwear will give you a $10 discount off each pair and will also donate $10 from every sale to the Osteoporosis Foundation of New Mexico.

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You lead a full and busy life and you want to continue with your active lifestyle, but you recognize that where the heart might be willing, the body may not be quite as robust as it used to be. A fall and the resulting hip injury can be devastating.

This is where Impactwear™ fits in. With SoftShield™ Technology, you have fall protection when you need it and comfort all of the time. Whether you wear Impactwear™ for added protection while you exercise or every day as you go about your normal routine, Impactwear™ is easy to wear hip protection that keeps you living the life you love.

Impactwear™ utilizes revolutionary patented SoftShield™ Technology to create a high performing impact protection shield. Shields are incorporated into specially designed underwear to deliver the most comfortable, cutting edge hip protection available.

SoftShield™ Technology

Hardens momentarily on impactAt the moment of impact, the material reacts instantly. The molecules bind together, forming a protective shell to absorb and deflect the impact force. As soon as the impact is over, the shields return to their soft, light and flexible state.

Slim ProfileAt less than ½ inch thick and weighing less than 2 ounces, Impactwear™ protective shields are able to absorb the force of the most damaging falls while remaining virtually invisible under clothing.

Ultra ComfortableSoft and lightweight, the unique and proprietary hinging and molding of SoftShield™ Technology enables the protective shields to flex and form with your body, always in the optimum position for protection and always comfortable.

Easy Care
Wash and wear convenience. Simply wear, wash and dry just like any other underwear. The shields won't absorb water and there is no reduction in performance after repeated use.

Underwear Garments Impactwear® underwear garments are specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort for your life-stage and level of activity. The fabric is a high quality, soft 95% cotton for a trim fit while being light and comfortable to wear. For the best comfort and fit, the Women’s and Men’s styles accommodate all levels of activity and continence.


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